Deep within the heart of the Lavender Beds stand the walls of one of Light’s original nightclubs;The Afterparty.This titan of a club stood tall as it blew open the EU clubbing scene over 2 years ago with a stunning design, high quality role-played staff and the best live-mixed music Eorzea has to offer. To this day, the party can be heard far and wide – the atmosphere of a family through music, of a party eternal, every 2 weeks on Saturday.

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    Dance Floor & Music

    The Afterparty features a top-tier interior design that has stood the test of time. With a strong theme, and an even stronger atmosphere, the dance-floor is virtually a strict no-standstill zone. Featuring live mixes from our numerous resident DJs, every event is bound to leave an impression. Or a hangover.

    Special Menus

    To compliment the music and the endless party, we have a hand-made bar menu consisting of some high grade drinks to quench your thirst. Only the freshest ingredients and the flashiest drinks for a party of this caliber!

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