The Endless Nights Nightlife Experience

What is The Afterparty?

The Afterparty is an Adult Nightclub and one of the most popular venues on Light Datacenter.The goal is to provide patrons with the darker and more passionate side of nightlife, as per our vision at Endless Nights. With the selfsame production quality and standards you've come to expect.Address: Light Datacenter - Twintania - Lavender Beds - Ward 3 Plot 28!

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    Dance Floor & Music

    The Afterparty features a fully handcrafted interior design with a dance floor and state-of-the-art speakers that allow for the absolute craziest of parties to go down within its premises.Featuring live mixes from our numerous resident DJs, every event is bound to leave an impression. Or a hangover.

    Special Menus

    The Afterparty features a completely new menu, consisting of a selection of special drinks that really enhance the nightlife experience.

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